Co-working Space Improves Productivity and Saves You Money

In these leaner, efficiency-demanding times, it is becoming increasingly vital to a company’s bottom line to rethink their resources and office space usage. Co-working space is an affordable and flexible alternative to renting or buying office space.

Amongst the numerous benefits of co-working space are savings on and usage of office equipment, short-term leases, and access to amenities, such as the use of conference room, shared fax, a beverage maker, reception service, kitchen, wireless Internet, and 24/7 entry and access.

Helps Save Money

The best co-working spaces in Austin, Texas can save you between $300 to $400 per month on utility and office resource bills. Operating under the principle of economies of scale, co-working space set-ups and the organizations that run them are becoming more and more prevalent. Many office solution packages are available, including co-working, shared desk space, and small, medium and large office spaces. Renting can be organized on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual basis, depending on the needs of your organization.

Business Networking

Co-working space is also significant for business networking as potential partners or deals could come from the small business owners in the same space. Frequently suppliers will only allow one company from a specific industry or target a specific niche to allow for maximum sharing of expertise without fear of loss of privacy.

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Good Service

Co-working space pricing commonly comes in at $350-$650 per calendar month, depending on the tools, equipment, location, and services. Aside from the physical space and furniture provided, the service will also often build in a staffed reception area with bookable meeting rooms, high-speed Internet, faxing, reception service, mail handling, and 24/7 access.

Add-On Services

There has been a recent growth in organizations providing add-on services to improve their competitiveness and increase market value. Often these will include monthly networking events, workshops and lunch events to connect entrepreneurs and business owners in one convenient location. Many of these office spaces are well-designed and inspiring spaces where individuals and businesses can create, connect and collaborate.

The rental of co-working spaces can also provide businesses with specific office and administrative assistance, again saving money in a variety of ways. When needs exist, efficiency can be increased through the use of capable operators who can complete word processing, data input, communications and report writing tasks. Businesses are usually only charged for the exact time that the work takes, thus saving on hidden costs such as breaks, sick days, vacation time, benefits and payroll, etc.

Increasingly, the services provided are now moving beyond basic space and office equipment requirements. Many co-working spaces renters provide extensive resource contact lists and representation in business and industry associations, all at no extra cost. Renters can benefit from valuable referrals, shared ideas and new business contact while saving time and money.

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All these aspects will place an individual, partnership or business at the forefront of technology, management and operating techniques available in the marketplace. The choice to take advantage of the vast opportunities provided by co-working spaces environment is a decision that will prove to be very profitable to small business owners.…