Grooming Tips For Men

All of the world everybody wants to look good. The female class out rightly overpowers the male when it comes to looking good, but men are not considered far behind as far as dressing up for an occasion. The field of hacks is one of the areas of fashion where men stay behind. Men practically do not have time and patience to check that everything is in its right place and shape by standing in front of a mirror.

Grooming tips that can help you with looks and personality

Shave and shower


Many people do not consider this important as a grooming hack. Showering and shaving are however two respective habits, but their order of occurrence is reversed. We know that people do shave then shower, but this tip asks you to do the opposite. When you shower, your hair follicles soften which makes it easy to shave them without being hurtful or forceful to your skin.

Avoid cotton buds

Cotton buds are used to clean the ear but not for going deaf. Men can be forceful when cleaning their ears especially on the internal. You may even witness blood clots or tiny drops on the cotton bud when cleaning your ear. This means you have started damaging your ear drum. Instead of using ear buds, use a drop of olive oil as it will do the same thing and it is safer than buds.

Use hair conditioner

Women cannot do without conditioning the hair after shampooing. Men ought to follow the same rule too. If your hair is going through extreme conditions, then you should apply conditioner on your hair strands and rinse. This will make your hair smooth and manageable until the next time you wash it.

Cure sunburn with tea bags

Tea bags are used by both sexes to cure sunburns. During summer, you will need this since you spend most of the time in the sun. Use cool tea bags on the areas affected to feel better and cure these burns.


Use talcum powder for fresh feel

Talcum powder has great characteristics which may help you feel fresh the whole day. Apply talcum powder below the belt to feel relief from sweat and bad body odor for a long time. Most men know this but do not use it.

Wear skimpy men’s underwear

fahionleftdacfsgdhjfkv,l.,Commando fashion is where women, as well as men, let go of intimate apparels and go free-ball. For men, underwear is a must. If you love commando, however, ensure you out on something like a g-string underwear and a male thing rather than briefs. This will make you feel like there is nothing down there and the front coverage supports.


These hacks can be helpful, and you should try them to improve your grooming habits.